CDA advocates to preserve in-office patient financing through legislation

CDA is negotiating with California Sen. Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles) regarding SB 639. The proposed legislation was drafted to provide consumer protections on financial products purchased by patients and used to finance various types of health care-related procedures and products, including dental procedures.

To ensure financing products remain available for patients and providers, CDA has taken an “oppose unless amended” position to request amendments that will continue to allow these products to be marketed in dental offices without interrupting the practice of dentistry or the dentist-patient relationship.

Along with these proposed amendments, CDA has committed to support the financial services industry’s proposed amendments that would protect the range of financing options, including deferred interest financing.

While CDA is advocating to secure the ongoing availability of in-office financing products, we also are working to protect members and their patients from exposure to any potential liability shifted from the financing company.

CDA will continue to work in good faith supporting amendments that are fair for patients and health care providers and will keep members informed about the status of this bill on cda.org.

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AB 954, authored by Assemblymember Jim Wood, DDS, and sponsored by CDA, unanimously passed the Assembly Health Committee April 3 with favorable amendments to further protect dentists and patients when dental provider agreements are leased by third parties. The bill was introduced to make the network leasing process more transparent. Currently, dentists are not always aware that their existing contract with a health care benefit plan will be transferred or sold as part of a leased network.

Silver diamine fluoride would become a covered benefit as a treatment option for tooth decay for specified Medi-Cal Dental Program enrollees under a new bill authored by Sen. Richard Pan. Senate Bill 154 would make SDF a covered benefit if applied as part of a patient’s comprehensive treatment plan and with the patient’s written informed consent.