CAMBRA risk assessments – there’s an app for that

Dentists interested in learning about and implementing Caries Management By Risk Assessments (CAMBRA) into their practices can take advantage of the new app developed by the UCSF School of Dentistry and Firsthand Technology Inc.

The MyCAMBRA mobile app, available in the iTunes store, lets dentists perform a CAMBRA risk assessment right on their iPhone or iPad. CAMBRA is a research-based, systematic approach to integrate caries risk assessment as a centerpiece of the dental practice. CAMBRA aims to diagnose and prevent caries through the process of assessing a patient’s risk for caries by examining various health and lifestyle factors as part of their regular dental checkup.

The MyCAMBRA app promotes “dialogue” with patients and allows dental professionals “to share health literacy information emphasizing the bacterial causes of caries, promoting better self-care strategies and delivering a custom care plan targeted to the patient’s caries risk level.” The app uses a proprietary analysis method based on the observations of expert dentists and patients at the UCSF School of Dentistry to rate the patient’s caries risk on a scale of low, moderate, high and extremely high.

The patient is presented with a risk meter in a “traffic light” format with green being low risk, yellow being moderate risk and red being high or extremely high risk for caries.

For a full review of the MyCAMBRA app, read the Tech Trends section of the December 2013 Journal of the California Dental Association. Visit iTunes to download the app, which is available for $9.99.