Boost business, personal health at CDA Presents

Creating a healthy workplace is an important aspect of any highly functioning dental practice. That is why CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in Anaheim is going to feature several courses on how dentists and their teams can be more efficient in the way they handle business and how they manage their personal health.

The CDA Presents Board of Managers strives to provide attendees the information they need to make sure their business runs smoothly and their patients receive the best care possible. So they have added informative courses such as The 360 Experience, Women’s Workshop and a Health and Wellness Team Lecture series to the April 30 – May 2 CDA Presents course lineup.

The 360 Experience is a full-day C.E. program that provides the entire dental team an opportunity to learn about topics that relate specifically to their role within the practice. Four industry-leading, nationally recognized speakers will present The 360 Experience.

“Clinical learning is critical to our success as a profession, but we need to be challenged to grow personally and in our management skills in our offices,” said Del Brunner, DDS, chair of the CDA Presents Board of Managers.

This unique workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Embracing new materials and technologies;
  • Intra-office communication and case acceptance skills;
  • Hot topics in restorative dentistry; and
  • Improving the patient experience through new technologies and simplified procedures.

In addition, there will be individual breakout sessions for both the dentist and staff that cover restorative, assisting, hygiene and business management roles within the dental team.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for building an excited and focused dental team in all of our offices. The stresses of everyday practice can be better managed by a cohesive and synergistic team,” Brunner said.

The dentist breakout session will provide information about new caries detection options and contemporary composite techniques for patients; how to integrate minor tooth movement; and prepping tips for indirect veneers.

The business management breakout session will provide attendees guidance on handling patients through the entire dental practice process, incorporating key communication techniques that include “doctor to team,” “team to patient” and “team to team.”

The assistant breakout session is designed to build working knowledge of the materials, instruments and techniques that they use every day in the treatment of patients. This lecture will help assistants work more independently and give them the competence and confidence to effectively communicate with the patient. Accomplishing this will improve practice productivity while helping assistants enjoy a more rewarding career.

The hygienist breakout session will provide information on how to implement conservative caries management in the dental practice. Advances in technology have made a significant impact on the field of dental radiography and this course provides the dental professional with techniques to utilize with their current radiography technology.

Also new to CDA Presents is a Women’s Workshop, which will reveal the “Seven Secrets to Women Living Well.” Attendees will learn what they need to know about the signs and symptoms of stress, sleep disorders, heart disease and other threats to a woman’s well-being.

Barbara J. Steinberg, DDS, will be one of the presenters leading the all-day C.E. workshop.

"We're going to look at a lot of aspects of women's lives and a lot of issues confronting women today regarding their health and the various issues they deal with,” Steinberg said. “We're trying to offer suggestions based on the most current information to help make their lives better and achieve a more optimal state of health."

Attendees will learn the “secrets to soar past fatigue, boost energy, shed the stress response and reclaim enthusiasm and energy for life.”

"You would like to experience the best physical, emotional and social health so you can be the best in your dental professional life," Steinberg said.

In addition to Steinberg, Pamela M. Smith, RD, LDN, will be lecturing. Brunner said they are two of the best speakers on the topic of health and well-being in the dental practice.

"We have two nationally respected speakers that will give the women of dentistry some great information and strategies to enrich their lives,” Brunner said.

The Women’s Workshop also will feature a Q-and-A wrap-up as well as chocolate and wine tasting.

For more help with boosting physical health, CDA Presents in Anaheim will feature a Health and Wellness Team Lecture series from Thursday through Saturday at the Anaheim Convention Center. Topics will include toning muscle and establishing better posture; how oral health is tied to overall health; tips on eating right and the functional anatomy of the cervical spine as it pertains to the practice of dentistry.

All of the courses mentioned in this article will have limited availability and are expected to fill up quickly. For more information about CDA Presents in Anaheim and to register, visit cdapresents.com. Dentists who would like to get early-bird pricing must register by March 26.