Action needed to remain on Denti-Cal patient referral list

One way that enrolled Denti-Cal providers can maintain or increase their patient base — while providing high-quality dental care to California’s Medi-Cal beneficiaries — is through continued participation in the Denti-Cal patient referral list.

Each year, this list is “refreshed” to help ensure it is current and accurate. Toward this goal, dentists who were added to the Denti-Cal patient referral list prior to Dec. 1, 2016, and who wish to remain on the list must complete and submit a new Medi-Cal Dental Patient Referral Service form within 35 business days of receiving the form. The form was mailed to providers on March 10. Dentists may complete and submit the form electronically, by mail, via fax or by calling 800.423.0507 and requesting a representative’s help in completing and submitting the form.

See the April 2017 issue of the Denti-Cal Bulletin for more information and instructions for submitting the form.

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