600 companies, 70-plus dental product launches and dozens of show specials

Dentists and all members of the dental team who attend CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in Anaheim May 17-19 will want to leave plenty of time in their schedules to tour the convention center’s exhibit hall floor for the latest dental innovations. Nearly 600 companies will occupy 130,000 square feet of space, and more than 70 exhibitors will launch new products and services at the meeting.

“Every product category is represented on the floor — from abrasives and amalgamators to handpieces and X-ray machines,” said Mark Romanelli, DDS, CDA Presents Board of Managers chair. “We hope our members will shop the exhibit hall aisles — not only to take advantage of some of the show specials offered, but to support the hundreds of exhibitors that help make CDA Presents a success.”

Highlighted here are just a few of the new products, but a complete list along with an interactive exhibit hall map are available on the CDA Presents website.

  • BurtonBands Anterior Matrix System, BurtonBands (booth 1639)
    The BurtonBands Anterior Matrix System is the only system with an integrated wedge and matrix band. The wedge locks the matrix in place and frees both hands for restoration, while the matrix establishes the interproximal wall of the tooth. This simplified design provides full access to the facial and lingual surfaces of the tooth for precise sculpting, which greatly reduces finishing time.
  • BurtonBands Posterior Matrix System, BurtonBands (booth 1639)
    The BurtonBands Posterior Matrix System is the first dual-wedge sectional matrix of its kind. Two opposing wedges create separation without the use of a ring for increased access to the restoration. A matrix band is attached to one of the wedges, which decreases placement time while creating perfectly contoured restorations. The system significantly improves efficiency by reducing finishing time.
  • CALAJECT – Computer Assisted Anesthesia Delivery, Aseptico Inc. (booth 1624)
    CALAJECT helps deliver pain-free local anesthesia injections by regulating the flow rate of the anesthetic, ensuring a gentle, predictable delivery below the perceptible pain threshold. Held like a pen, the delivery experience is more comfortable for the clinician, as well. Unlike previous computerized delivery systems, CALAJECT operates with standard dental needles and carpules. No disposables!
  • New SmartTouch Scannable Impression System, integrated dental systems (booth 2120)
    Integrated dental systems (ids) introduces the SmartTouch Scannable Impression System. The SmartTouch hand-held auto dispenser is portable and fills an impression   tray in only 10 seconds — all with the push of a button. No more filling impression trays with manual hand guns; now you can have the power of a countertop machine in the palm of your hand.
  • RAYDENT Studio 3D Printer, Ray America Inc. (booth 790)
    RAYDENT Studio 3D printer is a light curing printer that can print temporary crowns, bridges and surgical guides with the overall accuracy of 40 microns. The printer software and disposable vat help establish more stable print and efficient workflow. RAYDENT Studio 3D Printer is capable of printing single crowns in 15 to 20 minutes and full-arch surgical guides in 40-50 minutes.
  • REVEAL HD Bulk, Bisco Dental Products (booth 400)
    Bisco’s REVEAL HD Bulk is a light-cured bulk fill composite designed to allow for easier, faster posterior restorations by combining superior handling, placement and depth of cure. The exceptional ease of use allows for simple placement of the composite, while the category-leading depth of cure ensures a single-layer restoration that can be cured with confidence. 
  • Slade Blade, PDT Inc./Paradise Dental Technologies (booth 1638)
    Designed with Scott Froum, DDS, the Slade Blade was designed for the efficient removal of granulation tissue post-extraction. Thorough removal of cystic infected tissue leaves a clean socket in preparation of an implant placement. Created by a periodontist for periodontists.
  • Tri Auto ZX2, J. Morita USA Inc. (booth 1642)
    Tri Auto ZX2 is a compact cordless motor with a built-in apex locator. It may be used for achieving apical patency and creating a glide path with the Optimum Glide Path (OGP) function. It offers faster and safer treatment even in constricted or extremely curved canals and reduces file jamming, breakage and ledge formation.

Product descriptions provided by exhibitors. May be lightly edited for CDA Update style and reader clarity.

Easily find your way and save your favorites

With 600 companies exhibiting in a 130,000-square-foot room, convention-goers will appreciate using the CDA app’s “wayfinding” feature. After specifying both a starting location and destination within the exhibit hall, the app will draw the quickest path to the destination.

The app’s interactive exhibit hall map will also let attendees quickly search for and save exhibitors and mark them as visited. (The CDA app is new for Anaheim. Learn more about what it can do on page 15 of the May CDA Update.)

Many exhibitors offer “show specials,” such as pricing discounts on products purchased during the Anaheim meeting. Some specials are noted with a dollar symbol in the “specials” column of the exhibitor list. Clicking on any exhibitor name in the list reveals the company’s contact information, description, products and services and the specifics of any show special offered, e.g., “Surgical and operative instruments offered at a 15 percent discount at the Anaheim Convention Center.” A search box on the exhibitor page also lets attendees look up show specials by company name or product and service type. Still, not all show specials are noted in the online guide, so attendees are encouraged to watch for and inquire about specials as they walk the floor and interact with exhibitors.

In addition to the show specials, every CDA Presents has at least one daily promotion or fun booth giveaway on the exhibit hall floor. And when attendees are ready to sit down and review exhibitor notes or relax and recharge — either themselves or their mobile device — they can do so at the front or back location of The Spot or in the lounge.

Find a complete list of exhibiting companies and their products in the CDA app (available for download through Apple’s App Store and Google Play), at cdapresents.com or in the CDA Presents On-Site Program.

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