16 hotel options for CDA Presents

There are abundant options when choosing a hotel for your stay during CDA Presents in Anaheim.

By using the CDA Housing Bureau, attendees can lock in low rates until March 15 at hotels such as the Hilton Anaheim Hotel, the Anaheim Marriott (both within walking distance of the Anaheim Convention Center), and many others. Using the Housing Bureau helps CDA secure the best hotel rates for attendees and increases the chances of CDA being able to gain additional meeting space at the Convention Center.

There are 16 hotels within easy distance of the Anaheim Convention Center. The recently renovated Hilton Anaheim Hotel is adjacent to the Anaheim Convention Center and offers amenities for people of all ages. The Mix Restaurant, inside the Hilton, features an extensive variety of imaginative dishes created from some of the finest organic and natural ingredients available in the region. The Mix Lounge also provides a gathering place to enjoy signature cocktails and an extensive wine list.

The Anaheim Marriott is also adjacent to the Anaheim Convention Center. The 1,030-room hotel is within walking distance to Downtown Disneyland. Inside the hotel is JW’s Steakhouse, which offers prime meats and world-class wines.

Book your hotel at cdapresents.com/ana13hotels.

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