CDA Brightbox FAQ

Q: What is Brightbox?

A: CDA Brightbox is the name of the California Dental Association’s online learning platform. Our aim is to provide dental professionals a brilliant way to take part in C.E.-eligible education from anywhere at any time.

Q: Why did CDA change its online learning provider?

A: CDA has chosen a new platform so that all our online learning courses, including those offered at CDA Presents, can be accessed in one easy place. This change is intended to make it more convenient to log in, participate in online classes and obtain C.E. credits needed for license renewals.

Q: Did my purchased course(s) from the old online learning provider transfer over to Brightbox?

A: All previously purchased courses have been transferred, there is a 180 day window before they expire. If you have issues logging in to access your courses or need assistance, email

Q: Once I’ve purchased a course, how long do I have to earn C.E. ?

A: Opportunity to earn C.E. credit for the California Dental Practice Act, Infection Control and Treating Young Kids Everyday (TYKE) courses will be available for 180 days after purchase and with a passing quiz score of 80% or better. Opportunity to earn C.E. credit for CDA Presents audio courses is available for one year after the convention date with submission of a summary that meets proper requirements.

Q: How do I obtain C.E. from a CDA Presents audio course?

A:  Prepare a written summary of the course and submit it online at To meet C.E. eligibility requirements, the summary format must be at least two paragraphs for every one hour of course material. Each paragraph must be a minimum of six complete sentences. The format will be verified and returned if incorrect.

Alternately, you may mail your summary to the address below:
C.E. Request Form
California Dental Association
Attn: Continuing Education
1201 K Street, 16th floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Q: How long do I need to keep my proof of C.E. credits for license purposes?

A: You must retain records of your C.E. transcripts for three renewal cycles (six years).

Q: Do I need to submit my C.E. to the Dental Board of California? 

A: You do not need to submit your C.E. transcripts with your license renewal unless requested to do so by the Board or as part of an audit process. 

Q: How do I obtain my C.E. transcripts?

A: Unless otherwise notified, your C.E. transcripts will be available 24–48 hours after each course completion. Visit, log in to My Account and select Show C.E./Transcripts. If you need assistance, call CDA at 800.232.7645 during business hours, Monday–Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST. 

Q: What is the passing score for courses with quizzes, and how many attempts do I have to pass?

A: You must pass an exam with 80% or better, and you have two attempts for each course.

Q: How long does CDA keep my C.E. transcripts?

A: CDA keeps all past transcript information. You may access your C.E. any time by logging in to Once logged in to My Account, select the timeframe for which you would like to see C.E. transcripts.

CDA Presents Audio Recordings and online learning programs are licensed solely for the purchaser’s own personal, noncommercial use to receive CE units for license renewal in the allotted timeframe or for the use of the individuals reference to course materials. Any other use of the recordings or programs, including public or enrolled broadcasting, is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of CDA. More information can be requested by calling 800.232.7645.

CDA Presents
TDIC Risk Management Seminar
CURES Webinar - Watch
C.E. Opportunities

C.E. credits must be obtained by California licensees by a Dental Board approved provider. Please refer to the Dental Board’s website for a listing of approved providers that offer online C.E. courses.

New continuing education requirements were adopted in April 2010.

Review your CDA C.E. transcript. (Login required)

View the C.E. course calendar to see opportunities available throughout the state.