Leadership and Practice Ownership

Advice on strategic planning, how to establish a practice vision as well as guidance on practice leadership.

Experts help CDA members navigate the business side of dentistry
Four experienced CDA Practice Support analysts are available to assist members with matters related to dental benefit plans, employment law and human resources, regulatory compliance and practice management. These specialized experts provide one-on-one guidance by email and phone and speak on timely topics at CDA’s biannual education convention. Together they’ve developed a full library of online resources that they expand upon and update throughout the year.
Updated Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists features all-CDA content
In their day-to-day practice, dentists and their teams must know and comply with federal, state and local laws — from the layered requirements of federal and state employment laws to the dentistry-specific California Dental Practice Act to local laws that enforce building codes. A first resource for dentists to help them navigate these laws is the Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists, updated and published in January by the CDA Practice Support experts.
Leading the dental practice team through change
While you may not suffer from metathesiophobia, the persistent and unwarranted fear of change, you might still get palpitations when leaving your “comfort zone.” Change can sometimes create feelings of anxiety and insecurity in even the most seasoned dentists and harmonious practice teams. See how proven change management principles can be applied within a dental practice.
Maximize operational efficiency by managing overhead expenses
Managing overhead expenses might not be a skill dentists learn about in dental school, but it is a necessity for running a successful practice. Practice owners don’t always realize just how much their overhead costs add up and how high the real cost of doing business can be. A thorough evaluation of overhead efficiency can significantly reduce costs, increase revenue and streamline operations — in practices of every model and size.
Google update pulls reviews from across web
Today the reach of consumers’ opinions can extend past family and friends to the web, where review sites allow a reach that is likely immeasurable. Dentists should take note of a Google update launched in mid-September that pulls business reviews from other websites and displays those reviews in the “knowledge panel” — a box of information that appears on the right side of Google search results.
OCR's new FAQ addresses business associates' use of PHI
A new FAQ from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights clarifies that a business associate cannot prevent a HIPAA-covered entity’s access to protected health information maintained by the business associate (for or on behalf of the covered entity) unless provided for within a contract.
Missed opportunities too common in dental offices
When it comes to missed opportunities in small businesses, one cannot blame small business owners if, as the saying goes, “they don’t know what they don’t know.” When the small business owner is a dentist, a couple of common areas of missed opportunity include new patient experience and retention of active patients.
Dental board email address requirement in effect
Under a new law, all applicants licensed by the Dental Board of California are required to submit their email address to the board effective July 1. The board plans to contact licensed dentists annually to confirm that their email addresses on file are correct.
Learn practice ownership strategies in seminar
Attend a seminar on Oct. 21 to tap into a 360° approach to practice ownership. Free to CDA members, this comprehensive dental seminar will offer dentists strategies for starting, buying or selling a practice.
How to contract with and bill for associates
As the dental marketplace continues to change, hiring associates and having a multidentist practice is increasingly more common. CDA Practice Support frequently receives inquiries from members regarding how to correctly bill for associate dentists providing treatment in their practice.
'Are You in Compliance?' Use new resource to track key dates
Now, in one handy place, CDA members can find the details, deadlines and resources they need to ensure their dental practice is in compliance with upcoming laws and regulations. On the main Practice Support webpage, the new “Are You in Compliance” section lists laws and regulations that dental practices will need to comply with.
Understanding utilization review and audits by benefit plans
As part of a contractual commitment the dental benefit plans have with their consumers (employer groups and their employees), the plans are required to have a claims utilization review and audit process.
Developing a budget for a dental practice
The first step to better efficiency in a dental practice is staying on a budget. Dentists, as small-business owners, need to make sure their practices are successful and, as health care providers, need to be able to provide care to their patient base.
How to handle staff drama
Drama in the workplace creates an energy-draining work environment that no one enjoys. In the dental office, gossip can run at high levels if the owner dentist has not set standards and policies that prohibit this type of behavior.
Preparing for patient appointments days in advance
Preparing several days in advance of a patient’s appointment allows the dental team time to focus on the patient and the needs of the practice when it comes to that patient.
Setting dental practice New Year's resolutions
With each New Year comes an opportunity to make changes personally and professionally. For dentists, they may want to make some alterations to the way their practice operates to improve the experience for both their staff and patients. CDA Practice Support has offered some goals dentists could adopt as their New Year's resolutions for their practices.
Tips on dealing with emergency appointments
In today’s market, patients have become extremely busy, and “emergency appointments” have become more common. Therefore, every dental office should design and implement their own “emergency protocol” and customize it to accommodate the changing patient landscape.
Register for Dental Benefits Workshop in Irvine
Navigating the dynamic world of dental benefits is key to managing a smart practice. The Dental Benefits Workshop provides participants the opportunity to earn 12 C.E. credits during a two-day, in-person seminar. They will learn how to analyze and evaluate existing dental plan performance in their offices while getting hands-on experience from industry experts on how to navigate the world of dental benefits.
Dentists get dental benefits lesson at CDA workshop
Attendees of CDA’s recent Dental Benefits Workshop at the CDA headquarters in Sacramento had the opportunity to earn C.E. credits while learning how to analyze and evaluate existing dental plan contract performance in their practices.  The more than 70 people, including dentists and staff from 40 practices, who attended the April 16-17 event earned up to 12 hours of C.E. and improved their skills in analyzing and evaluating the dental benefit marketplace.
Buying or starting a practice - what you need to know
Dentists who are buying/building a practice, or simply interested in learning how to maximize their practice’s value, can attend CDA Practice Support’s “Buying or Starting a Practice – What You Need to Know” seminars. The seminars will feature a unique panel of experts representing various fields within the dental arena to provide dentists with the knowledge they need to take the next steps in their dental careers.
Learn what's truly important to your dental team
CDA Update staff spoke with Gary Zelesky, who has been presenting motivational messages to audiences for 30 years. For the last 15 years, he has been speaking to dentistry audiences around the world, from England to Australia. Zelesky is known for including energy and humor in his presentations and will be leading four lectures at CDA Presents. CDA Presents the Art and Science of Dentistry in Anaheim is expected to attract more than 25,000 attendees April 30-May 2, and one of the biggest draws is the unique lineup for lectures and workshops.
Contracts for shared dental space agreements
Subleasing space in a dental practice has become a popular trend for young dentists looking to test out success rates in specific geographical areas and cut down on their expenses until they get to a point in their careers when they can build out a dental office or purchase their own practice. "Shared space" agreements can get quite complex, and in these agreements, it is important for the dentist on the lease (sublessor) and the dentist who wants to use the space for a limited period of time (sublessee) to make sure the proper written agreements and consents are in place.
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