DEA registrants targeted by extortion scam

Update: 07/30/18

CDA Practice Support is hearing from members who report that they have been contacted by criminals claiming to be Drug Enforcement Administration employees. The following article published in April explains the scam and how to report it to the DEA.

Criminals posing as Drug Enforcement Administration employees are targeting DEA registrants as part of an extortion scam, the administration said in an April 2 email alert according to the ADA.

The scammers are reportedly contacting the registrants by phone using a disguised telephone number that appears on registrants’ caller ID as the DEA’s 800 registration support number. The impersonators then make their demands with threats to suspend DEA registrations.

“Please be aware that a DEA employee would not contact a registrant and demand money or threaten to suspend a registrant’s DEA registration,” the email alert states.

Any DEA registrant who is contacted by individuals claiming to work for the DEA and demanding or requesting money or threatening to suspend the registrant’s DEA license are urged to report the call using the DEA’s online extortion scam report form, available on the DEA’s Diversion Control Division website. The one-page report gives registrants the option of receiving a callback from DEA personnel about the incident.

DEA registrants with questions may contact the DEA Registration Helpline at 800.882.9539.