Top trending CDA Practice Support resources

Here are the top-five trending CDA Practice Support resources in the categories of practice management, employment practices, dental benefit plans and regulatory compliance.

Communicating Radiation Safety to Your Patients
For as long as dentists have used radiographs as diagnostic tools, patients, dentists and dental personnel have been warned of the risks associated with radiation exposure. Dental radiography procedures have changed over time with technology improvements and with improved knowledge of the procedures' benefits and risks. Dental radiography exposed patients to much less radiation today than the procedures of 30 years ago.

Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave Ordinances by City/County
As employers, practice owners must ensure they are in compliance with local ordinances that govern minimum wage and sick leave in their cities and counties. As many as 17 local jurisdictions have their own minimum wage or sick leave requirements. Practice owners should check with their local city or county to make sure they are up-to-date, as these ordinances are expected to change over time.

Sample Daily Meeting Agenda
Utilize this resource to help create an ideal and efficient daily meeting agenda that can set staff up for success each day.

Evidence of Bone Loss Helps Support Perio Claims
For those submitting claims for periodontal treatment who wonder what plans are looking for, this is an excellent resource that offers guidance on what documentation should be provided with each claim.

Dental Materials Fact Sheet FAQ
Each patient must be provided with a copy of the dental board-approved Dental Materials Fact Sheet at least once prior to having a restorative procedure, or upon the patient's request. If the fact sheet is updated, the patient must be provided with the updated version. The practice is required to obtain a signed acknowledgement that the patient has received the fact sheet, and to place the acknowledgement in the patient's record.

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