Top trending CDA Practice Support resources

CDA Practice Support is designed to help dentists navigate the business side of dentistry with ease, and it is chock-full of valuable resources to help them run their practices. Check out the top five trending CDA Practice Support resources in the categories of practice management, employment practices, dental benefit plans and regulatory compliance.

Sample Patient Photograph Authorization Form
Use this form to gain consent when using patient photos in your practice's marketing materials.

Confidential Employee Medical Record
This is a part of the CDA Regulatory Compliance Manual.

Coordination of Benefits
Staff should use this questionnaire as a guide to collect information from the patient when coordination of benefits is necessary. Coordination of benefits is necessary when the patient has primary and secondary coverage, when the patient is a dependent covered by both parents, when the patient is a dependent of separated or divorced parents, or when the patient has coverage under a current and former employer.

Prop 65 FAQ (zip file)
This file has Proposition 65 warning notices for bisphenol A, nitrous oxide and restorative materials. Dental businesses with 10 or more employees are required to post notices if exposure to Proposition 65 listed chemicals occurs on site. The zip file includes separate FAQs – one for patients and one for dentists and their staff.

Dental Practice Marketing and Advertising 101

This article provides basic and essential information on dental practice marketing and advertising as well as general descriptions on how to start the marketing process and different marketing methods. In addition, this article provides the laws and ethics of dental practice marketing and advertising in California.