Top trending CDA Practice Support resources

CDA Practice Support is designed to help dentists navigate the business side of dentistry with ease, and it is chock-full of valuable resources to help them run their practices.

Check out the top five trending CDA Practice Support resources in the categories of practice management, employment practices, dental benefit plans and regulatory compliance.

Employee Injury Protocol
CDA Regulatory Compliance Manual - Record
The Dental Board of California infection control regulations require a written protocol for the management of injuries. This form should be used together with the Bloodborne Pathogens Post Exposure Management Protocol checklist. 

Associate Agreement Template
This Sample Associate Agreement template will assist dentists in understanding the contents of an agreement. Many common contract terms and conditions are included in this sample with considerations provided for those areas that may be ambiguous.

Starting a Dental Practice Checklist
This checklist will provide an overview of the items that should be addressed once you have decided to start your own dental practice.

Medicare Provider Options
Under a final rule issued on May 19, 2014, by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), dentists who treat or refer Medicare enrollees or prescribe medication to Medicare patients through the Part D Medicare drug program must either enroll in Medicare as a provider, or opt out of enrollment by Feb. 1, 2017.

Patient Records - Requirements and Best Practices
This article summarizes what you need to know about patient records, from SOAP to electronic records to who can have access to the records. It provides an overview of patient rights with regard to their personal health information under HIPAA and HITECH. The rules on records retention and disposal also are explained.

To view these resources, visit cda.org/practicesupport.

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Beginning July 1, a new law will take effect requiring dental plans to comply with uniform standards and provide timely updates (practice address, license number, etc.) to their provider directories. The intent of the new law, SB 137, is to provide patients with more accurate and complete information as to which providers are participating in the plan's provider network.