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April 2023: Mandatory Update to Federal Minimum Wage Poster

June 02, 2023 488

A recent update to federal law providing additional rights to parents who must express breast milk at work has impacted the federal Minimum Wage poster. Known as the “PUMP” Act (Providing Urgent Maternal Protections for Nursing Mothers), the law impacts employers who are not covered by California’s more expansive protections. Since it came into effect employers must accommodate nursing mothers by, among other things, providing a location other than a bathroom to express breast milk. California has required lactation accommodation for a number of years and requires notices to employees above and beyond poster notice requirements.

Poster last revised: April 2023 (previous versions, including the August 2016 version included in CDA’s Required Poster Set, no longer fulfill the posting requirement and should be replaced). You must download a pdf of the revised poster and affix it over the prior poster.

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