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30-60-90 Day Performance Evaluation

October 19, 2022 1351

The goal of the 30-day review is to determine how well your new employee is settling into their new position. It will help to uncover if there are any issues or problems that you can resolve to ensure you’re able to keep your new hire engaged and retain them as long as possible.

Conducting 30-60-90-day performance reviews with new employees is essential to ensure that they’re engaged, productive and happy at your practice. Leverage these evaluation questions to discover if your new employee is experiencing any challenges, and then work with your team to “course correct.”

The employer should do all that they can to make the employee comfortable. If the employee is comfortable, they are going to be more open and honest about things. The conversation is an opportunity for the employee and employer to share what’s on their mind. It should be a positive and honest conversation without hostility or judgement.

Consider that during the discussion differing points of view may arise. These items may warrant more consideration and further discussion. Each party should be given an opportunity to step away and understand each other’s perspective. Schedule time to revisit these topics shortly after the initial meeting.

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