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2021 Q3 Practice Health Check: Regulatory Compliance – Infection Control

June 30, 2021 3243

Have you updated or created your COVID-19 prevention plan or addendum to your injury and illness prevention plan?

Cal/OSHA updated its emergency temporary standard in June. A key requirement is that employers have a written plan which, among many things, identifies COVID-19 hazards at the workplace and describes how the employer communicates this information to employees and trains them on infection prevention.

CDA provides a template for this plan that incorporates Cal/OSHA requirements, the CDPH mask order and CDC guidance for dental practices and health care facilities. A dental practice owner needs to review and customize the template to ensure it accurately describes practice procedures.

Do you have written protocols for instrument processing, operatory cleanliness and management of injuries?

The written protocols are required by the dental board infection control regulations, and dental plan auditors look for these during on-site visits.

CDA provides templates that can be customized by the practice owner or infection control coordinator. The Instrument Processing Protocol includes the dental board’s minimum requirements. The Housekeeping Schedule can be utilized to meet the requirements of both the board and Cal/OSHA. The Employee Injury Protocol explains how to manage injuries and when to follow the bloodborne pathogens post exposure management protocol.

Do you have an exposure control plan?

Failure to have a written exposure control plan is a violation for which Cal/OSHA has often cited dental practices.

CDA provides a Sample Exposure Control Plan to make it simple for dental practice owners to comply. The owner or infection control coordinator can customize the plan to describe their office procedures for identifying bloodborne pathogen risks, engineering and administrative controls and required training.

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