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2021 Q2 Practice Health Check: Patient Management Strategies

April 01, 2021 2421

Do you have a system to follow up with patients who canceled due to COVID during the “emergency services only” time frame and have yet to return to the practice?

When practices had to suddenly cancel all routine care last Spring, many patients were left without dental appointments on their calendars. The best way to keep patients active is to ensure every patient leaves your practice with their next appointment scheduled. Because that was not possible due to COVID, it is important to run a report of all unscheduled treatment and unscheduled hygiene, contact each patient on the report, and emphasize to each patient the importance of your patient’s routine oral health visits with your practice. For patients who are still hesitant to return to your practice due to COVID, check out our resource on Patient Communication and Management.

Are you preparing for an efficient and productive day with a morning huddle?

A morning huddle is the most important 10 minutes of your day. An effective morning huddle prepares you and your dental team for a productive, efficient, and well-coordinated day. It prevents the practice from experiencing “missed opportunities” with patients who might be overdue for treatment, past due with payment, or could be a great referral source for the practice.

Do all patients in your practice sign a financial agreement and consent form?

A financial agreement is a key component to every dental practice’s financial system. It serves as a visual aid for discussing the practice’s financial options with the patient. Further, a financial agreement is the practice’s best protection against patient financial disputes. The goal with any financial system in the dental practice should be to make treatment possible for your patients, but not at the expense of the practice owner. A clear and defined financial agreement guides the dental team through presenting financial options for patients. Check out our resource on Patient Financial Protocols for help determining the practice's financial options, and use our Financial Agreement and Consent Form during the patient financial discussion to document options presented, patient obligation and financial consent.


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