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Amalgam separator compliance report due Oct. 12

August 04, 2020 11213

Every dental practice, whether it is required to install an amalgam separator to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency rule, must complete and submit a one-time compliance report to the local sanitation agency or, if the local sanitation agency does not have a pretreatment program, to the California State Water Resources Control Board. 

SWRCB recently posted the compliance report and also provides background about the federal dental amalgam rule on its website. 

The report must be submitted by Oct 12.

Each practice will indicate in the report that it has either installed the required equipment or is claiming an exemption. Most local sanitation agencies that are required to collect the report have contacted the dental practices in their respective service areas.

If a dental practice has not yet been contacted by its local sanitation agency, the practice should call the agency and ask if the agency has an NPDES permit or a pretreatment program. If the local agency does not have either, then the dental practice must submit its form to the state.

CDA members can contact CDA Practice Support with any questions. 

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