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Patient Communication and Management

June 15, 2021 20190

Communicating with patients about face coverings in the dental office

Use these templates to inform patients that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requires that all patients and visitors continue to wear face coverings in the dental office regardless of an individual’s vaccination status.

Message to patients – face covering requirements for fully vaccinated patients

This messaging can be posted on your website and social media channels, as well as emailed to patients to remind them to wear a face covering while visiting the dental office. 

Email template – address patient concerns about face coverings/rescheduling patients

Use this email template to address patient concerns about wearing a face covering in the dental office. 

Face covering requirement flyer

Print this flyer and put it in visible places around the dental office to remind patients and visitors to wear a face covering. 

Communicating with patients during the COVID-19 surge

Use these templates to remind patients of the importance of oral health and communicate the ways dental practices are keeping patients safe during COVID-19:

Message to patients — How our practice plans to “stay the course” through COVID-19

This can be posted on your website, emailed to patients and/or posted at your dental office (front desk, patient waiting area, etc.) to help patients understand how your office is mitigating risk during the surge.

Email template – Overdue patients COVID-19

For communicating with patients who are overdue for routine care or haven’t scheduled since COVID-19 began.

Social media or blog post template 1 – COVID-19 and Your Oral Health

Provides oral health tips and reminds patients of the importance of their oral health at this time. References research linking poor oral hygiene to the severity of the COVID-19 disease.

Social media or blog post template 2 – Keep Your Health Appts During COVID-19

Reminds patients of the importance of keeping health at this time.

Communicating with patients at their appointment

Follow these tips to maintain safety and make patients feel comfortable in the dental office:

  • Greet patient warmly and avoid physical contact.
  • Provide a mask if patient does not have one.
  • Point out hand sanitizer by inviting them to use it as often as they need.
  • If anyone is in the waiting area when the patient arrives, identify them on the patient screening form. This information can aid contact tracing.
  • If patient expresses concern about potential exposure to COVID-19 in the practice, review with the patient safeguards the practice has implemented.
  • Along with any post-op instructions, remind the patient to contact the office if they experience COVID-19 symptoms or are diagnosed with the disease within 14 days.

If a patient reports COVID-19 symptoms or diagnosis post treatment:

When a patient who has been in your practice in the last 14 days reports symptoms or diagnosis to your practice:

  • Identify who may have been in contact with the patient while at the dental practice.
  • Provide affected individuals with information provided by the patient, send affected employees home and direct them to contact their healthcare provider.
  • Only inform affected employees and not all employees.
  • Contact the local public health department and follow instructions