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Members can now create a customized employee manual - online

June 27, 2019 5496

CDA members have long been able to use the Sample Employee Manual template, available through CDA Practice Support, to build a customized employee manual. Now, they can also go online to generate one of the most essential HR tools for every practice — a manual that both informs employees about workplace rules and helps to protect dentists from potential lawsuits.

The new CDA Employee Manual Generator guides users through the online development of a manual that custom fits any dental office and is compliant with federal and state employment laws.

Users simply answer a series of guided questions to produce a customized employee manual with policies that cover introductory periods, harassment and discrimination prevention, corrective action, mandatory paid sick leave, vacation, personal leaves of absence and everything in between. Answers to “yes/no” questions prompt the generator to ask more specific questions along a topic to create each compliant policy, but users will also have the option to write in details, such as who to contact and at what number in the event of an emergency, or to choose a specific pathway, such as whether to offer a general attendance policy or a detailed one that outlines punctuality and excessive absenteeism, for example.

A complete manual can be generated online in as little as two hours; however, to shorten time spent online and ensure the manual’s accuracy, before they get started, users will want to have decided on the details of protocols and current employee benefit offerings such as in-house dental treatment, holiday pay, vacation and medical plan eligibility requirements.

Answers are automatically saved (for 60 days) as users progress through the questions, but answers can be altered by selecting the “previous” button. Helpful on-screen information about laws and requirements is provided along the way. Once all guided questions have been answered, the user simply presses the “submit” button to receive by email a PDF of their complete manual, which can be downloaded, printed and distributed in the practice.

CDA strives to provide legally compliant information in the manual generator. However, it is recommended that employers have an attorney who specializes in the employment laws and regulations of the employer’s city, county and state review the manual before it is distributed to employees.

As a best practice, employers should annually review their employment practices and policies with their attorney to ensure they are in compliance with the law. While an employee manual is designed to protect employers from potential problems in the workplace, it is not a guarantee of prevention of future lawsuits that may arise out of employment practices.

The CDA Employee Manual Generator is powered by HR for Health, one of CDA’s newest Endorsed Program offerings.

Visit the Employee Manual Generator page to start creating your own manual online.

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