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July Student Spotlight

June 30, 2021 3506

Describe your experience as a dental student during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Facing COVID-19 as a dental student was life-altering on many levels. I realized life is very fragile, but I also realized my amplified responsibility toward our society as a health care worker. I am very proud to belong to a profession where I can continue patient care even during these dire times. 

How do you see dentistry evolving amid the ongoing pandemic?
Dentistry is an intellectually stimulating and steadily evolving profession. We all saw dentistry adapt to this pandemic extremely quickly. Consistent efforts to prioritize the clinician’s and patient’s safety has led dentists all over the world to incorporate more vigilant patient care. 

What has been your most memorable dental school moment or experience so far?
My best and most memorable moment so far was the day we donned our white coats. Along with the responsibility, that humbling feeling of pride to have finally reached this milestone was remarkable! 

What has been the most rewarding thing about working on patients?
In our monotonous routine, one thing that stands out almost every time is patient satisfaction, and that's what keeps us going. It’s amazing to see how grateful patients are; their loving comments and blessings make it all worthwhile. It just makes me want to do better every time. By successfully treating a patient, we are not only treating dental disease but also affecting the patient’s psychology. Whether it’s a person who has not eaten properly in ages or someone who lacks confidence because of their smile, dental treatment turns out to be life-changing for them, diminishing both their physical and emotional insecurities. 

What’s one thing about dental school you wish your friends who aren’t in dental school could understand
There is no such thing as free time! 

Has a current dental school professor made a positive impact on you? What would you like to say to them? 
The best advice I ever heard was in a perio lecture, and it has stuck with me ever since. "Pain is subjective, but that does not mean it’s not real.” It resonated with me on many levels. I personally think this statement holds true for physical pain, but it also encompasses all sorts of physical and emotional discomfort a person might be going through. It has helped me connect better with not just my patients, but also family and friends.

What made you interested in dentistry?
The movie “Serendipity”! Nevertheless, I am completely in love with my profession. As an individual, a professional and a female, I have always endeavored to make a difference with my words and actions. My education and my profession have only aided me to become a better version of myself with every passing day. Dentistry is my wealth, my pride.

What is your favorite comfort food? 
Any Punjabi food item. 

What’s your favorite guilty-pleasure movie or TV series? 
“The Office” or “Friends.” 

Why are you #cdaproud? 
CDA is a one-of-a-kind association. It was created for us by us. It is continuously working toward advancing dentistry and seeking new ways to improve health care. I love how it is ever ready to not just help the dentists but also the patients. Outside dentistry, it offers a plethora of leadership opportunities for us to gain from. It lets us be more than just dentists by helping us demonstrate our compassionate side via CDA Cares clinics and caters to our inner socialite by organizing magnificent get-togethers at CDA Presents The Art of Science and Dentistry and other events. What is there not to be proud of? 

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