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Updated employment notices required in the dental office

Employer action required

January 20, 2020 10282

CDA publishes and distributes every two years a poster set containing employee notices that are required to be posted in the dental office. CDA’s most recent poster set was published and distributed to members in April 2019. However, state and federal agencies update or release new posters from time to time, and six new or updated required posters are now available.

When agencies update posters or release new ones, employers should download the new posters and affix them over the appropriate outdated orange and gray notices in the CDA Poster Set. Below are the titles of the new or updated posters and where employers can go to download them. The links direct to English-language posters, but all posters are available in additional languages.

Every CDA member who has confirmed their status as a practice owner is entitled to one free CDA Poster Set. Should members need additional 2019-20 poster sets, they may purchase them from the CDA Store or by calling CDA at 800.232.7645. However, the 2019-20 set does not include the six new or updated notices outlined above. CDA will develop and release the 2021-22 poster set in spring 2021.

For a complete list of required postings, see the resource “Required Employee Postings in a Dental Office” in the Practice Support resource library.

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