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Avoid medication-related tragedies with comprehensive health History Forms

Take two of these and call me in the morning. That may have been sage advice a generation ago, but today, dispensing medication requires much more scrutiny. Americans are taking more prescription drugs than ever before, meaning health professionals, including dentists, must use extra precaution when dispensing and prescribing routine medications as part of an overall treatment plan.

Dedicated agents at TDIC Insurance Solutions provide more efficient service for policyholders

The new year and an expanded sales and service team at TDIC Insurance Solutions promise to deliver an enhanced, “more holistic” customer service experience for TDIC policyholders. In fact, policyholders who’ve called TDIC Insurance Solutions recently may have already noticed the change. Effective January, policyholders in California, Arizona, Nevada, Minnesota and North Dakota now benefit from having one dedicated agent and one dedicated account manager.

Do you know where your data is?

Ransomware attacks on health care facilities are increasing, as are the financial losses incurred by them. In one case reported to TDIC, a dentist had to replace software in the practice due to the extensive damage caused by a virus that gained access through an email attachment. The expenses totaled $49,000 to restore the data, decrypt the data and pay the ransom.

Employment-related claims against small businesses are rising

Claims of discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination aren’t unique to large corporations. Federal discrimination lawsuits against Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company and Wal-Mart tend to make the headlines with their multimillion-dollar settlements, but under the protection of state laws, California workers at smaller companies, including dental practices, can file lawsuits claiming that their legal rights as employees have been violated. And they do.

Handle with care: Minimizing risk with short-term and traveling patients

A variety of situations can prompt patients who are not local to seek dental care while they are temporarily visiting or residing in your area. As the “secondary“ general dentist, you have more liability exposure than the dentist who is performing their routine dental care. Discover how to mitigate risk when you choose to treat these patients.

How to prepare for a dental working interview

New dentists who have sent out their resumes and cover letters to practices in search of employment should be prepared for the possibility of a working interview.

Working interviews in dentistry are common because they allow candidates to practice in the clinical setting and provide the opportunity to observe how the practice owner conducts the office. It’s also the best way for practice owners to observe new dentists’ techniques and see how they interact with patients and staff.

If you own a dental practice, here's why it's time to review your policies with TDIC

As a dental practice owner, annually reviewing your policies with The Dentists Insurance Company is an essential step to ensure the safety and success of your business and employees. As your practice evolves, you may find yourself in need of additional coverage to better protect your company from unexpected risks. The start of the new year is a good time to make necessary changes to guarantee you have the adequate protection for your company’s needs.