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iCoreRx can help CDA members comply with state law requiring e-prescribing by Jan. 1 deadline

November 09, 2021 4823

No later than Jan. 1, 2022, dentists and other prescribing health care providers in California will be required by state law to issue electronic prescriptions for all medications, with very few exceptions, as CDA first reported when Assembly Bill 2789 became law in 2018.

The law does not allow for telephoned, emailed or faxed prescriptions, let alone paper prescriptions. Instead, prescribers must use software with the capability to electronically submit prescriptions directly to the pharmacy. To comply with the state law, dental practices therefore must have installed either a stand-alone e-prescribing software or a software application associated with an electronic health record.

Getting into compliance, from identity proofing to software setup, can take at least two weeks, but CDA members now have a new option to assist and speed up the process ― and at a reduced cost ― with iCoreRx, from CDA’s newest Endorsed Services partner iCoreConnect. 

Prescribe electronically on any connected computer or device

iCoreRx electronic prescribing software enables dentists to e-prescribe all medications, including controlled substances, in compliance with the state law and on any computer or device with an internet connection. 

Dentists who subscribe to iCoreRx and practice at multiple locations with one DEA registration can use their single subscription to prescribe medications across all locations. (Each DEA registration requires its own iCoreRx subscription for dispensing or administering controlled substances at each location.)

Conduct mandatory patient-history checks in CURES 

The iCoreRx software, endorsed by CDA, lets dentists access patients’ full prescription histories dating back five years.

The software also allows dentists to check, with one click, their patients’ prescription histories in CURES 2.0 before prescribing a schedule II-IV substance. Those CURES consultations became mandatory Oct. 2, 2018. 

The e-prescribing requirement and mandatory CURES consultations are intended to reduce the diversion of controlled substances and to help provide timely patient care. But beyond the regulatory compliance requirements, dentists may welcome the simplified clinical workflow that e-prescribing provides.  

CDA members receive 43% discount on iCoreRx subscriptions

The primary benefits of an iCoreRx subscription are:

  • Full compliance with California state law requiring e-prescribing for all medications no later than Jan. 1, 2022
  • Flexibility to e-prescribe from any computer or device connected to the internet
  • Need for only one iCoreRx subscription per DEA registration across multiple practice locations
  • Use of the integrated and up-to-date Prescribers’ Digital Reference (formerly the Physicians’ Desk Reference) 
  • Access to patients’ full prescription histories from the past five years
  • Ability to conduct mandatory patient-history checks in CURES before prescribing controlled substances

Additionally, CDA members will receive 43% off their iCoreRx subscriptions and gain the support and expertise of iCoreConnect staff who will assist with the software registration and implementation at no extra cost. 

Exceptions to e-prescribing requirement

Dentists and other providers can provide paper prescriptions to a patient only in situations that qualify as exceptions to the e-prescribing requirement under the state law. Read the CDA article published last June for details on the e-prescribing exceptions. 

Get started with iCoreRx electronic prescribing

Learn more about iCoreRx from iCoreConnect in the C.E.-eligible webinar “The Perfect 10 for (Electronic) Prescribing” on Tuesday, Nov. 30, from 5:30-6:30 p.m. PST, or watch a product demonstration now.

When you’re ready, get started with your iCoreRx subscription. CDA members will find instructions for purchasing a subscription at a 43% discount.

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