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Employment Practices

Laws & regulations, hiring/firing, office policies & manuals and performance.

It can be challenging to balance the roles of healthcare provider and employer, but it doesn't have to be. Find resources to help hire your dream team and keep your staff productive and happy. Get advice on how to write job descriptions, create applications, set office policies, establish alternative work schedules, and terminate an employee. In addition, all of this is supported by an Employee Manual that can be customized to your practice.


Do you have five or more employees? The state of California is now requiring any employer with five or more employees to offer a retirement plan to their staff. Covered employers must register by June 30, 2022.  Employers with a qualifying 401(k) plan may register as exempt.

Certification of Health Care Provider - Employees or Family Members Serious Health Condition

Use this DFEH form to request certification from a health care provider for CFRA leaves due to the employee’s own serious health condition or that of a family member.

This for may be used for CFRA and non-CFRA medical leaves of absence or other requested accommodations due to a qualifying disability or serious heath condition.