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State of California to make PPE available for dentists

May 21, 2020 11702

The state of California is delivering millions of surgical masks and tens of thousands of face shields and gowns to The Dentists Supply Company’s distribution center beginning Friday and through the weekend.

State and local officials have already been alerting dentists about the expected delivery to CDA’s subsidiary dental supply company, but CDA must clarify that because the shipment has not been received, we cannot yet deliver any this PPE to dentists.

Once received, CDA will broadly communicate the availability to all licensed dentists. The shipment first must be inspected and assessed for re-sorting and packaging to ensure quality and ability to ship in smaller quantities to dentists around California. We anticipate beginning to ship this PPE by late next week. More information will be shared soon regarding the exact types and quantities of PPE that will be available from the state.

We deeply appreciate your patience with this effort and will communicate with you as soon as all the pertinent details are available.

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