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N95 Respirator/Mask Information

August 08, 2022 13224

CalOSHA expects dental practices that use aerosol-generating devices, such as ultrasonics, rotary, air abrasion, air-water syringe and other similar mechanical dental devices when treating patients, to have a respiratory protection program. The program includes the provision of respirators and medical evaluation and fit testing of tight-fitting respirators to staff occupationally exposed to dental aerosols. A written program and staff training also are required. Included below is information on other respirators, how to complete a medical evaluation and fit testing and compliance documentation.

Resources are available for dentists to do the required initial fit test themselves should they wish to do so.

CalOSHA also requires employers to provide a respirator to any worker who works indoors and requests it even when they are not occupationally exposed to dental aerosols. When complying with this requirement, the employer is not required to medically evaluate and fit test the employee. The employer must provide a correctly sized respirator and training on how to properly wear the respirator, to perform a user seal check and the fact that facial hair interferes with a seal.

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