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COVID-19 Vaccine Staff Training

May 26, 2021 5863

Tips to prepare for your staff meeting:

  • Schedule the meeting for a time on the schedule when you have a full 60-90 minutes.
  • Read CDA COVID-19 Vaccine Information Toolkit.
  • As you read the Toolkit, take notes and highlight areas you want to emphasize with your team. Determine the sections of the Toolkit you plan to share with the team during the meeting. Plan to set up a computer/monitor, or print copies of the Toolkit sections for each team member.
  • Read COVID-19 Employer Best Practices, determine your practice’s COVID-19 vaccine policy. See COVID-19 Vaccine Employer Best Practices and Sample Policies.
  • Draft your practice’s COVID-19 Vaccine Policy. Reference the sample CDA's sample Voluntary Vaccine Policy for guidance. Consider consulting with an attorney if you are contemplating a policy that would require your employees receive the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Provide a memo to your employees and the practice's vaccine policy to all employees in advance of the meeting. Reference CDA's sample Memo to Employees About Voluntary Vaccinations for guidance.
  • Read COVID-19 Vaccine Patient Resources. Determine the responses you want your staff to provide to your patients.

Download the agenda and facilitator guide templates below to assist you with running your staff meeting:

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