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What You Need to Know About Dropping Dental Plan Contracts

June 28, 2019 6740

As dentists continue to struggle with the changing health care landscape, discontinuing participation with contracted dental plans is an increasing consideration for many in the profession. CDA recognizes that participating as a contracted plan provider is a decision dentists base on what is best for their patients and their practices.

A common question posed by dentists considering termination with a plan is, “How will this decision affect my patients and my practice”? CDA offers the following information as a member resource. This resource merely offers suggestions and information based on prior CDA member experiences. CDA recommends that you also seek individual legal and financial counsel if you are considering terminating your participation as a dental plan provider. In addition, there are dental practice management consultants available who specialize in assisting dentists with this type of transition.

The implementation of plan withdrawal usually takes about six months to a year from when you make the decision to terminate your plan provider agreement. It is critical that you have sound financial policies in place for your practice and any issues related to case presentation have been addressed before moving forward.

Here you will find what to do and expect before, during and after terminating participation with a plan: 

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