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Dental benefits 101: Proper billing, waiving co-payments

Beginning in the New Year, and with the forthcoming issue of the CDA Update, the dental benefits column will host a semiregular series discussing basic dental benefit issues. The topics covered address questions that CDA Practice Support receives from dental offices and from local dental components. This first installment addresses proper billing for treatment provided by an associate and waiving of co-payments.

Medicare Advantage might just give your practice an advantage

With baby boomers exiting the workforce and losing their employer-sponsored dental coverage, consumers are enrolling in Medicare, the federally administered health care program for all seniors age 65 and older. Practice Support has seen an uptick in member calls related to Medicare Advantage dental plans due, in part, to the aging patient population in their practices and increased Medicare enrollment.

No 'one size fits all' when it comes to dental benefit contracting

Adding or dropping a contract with a dental benefit plan is a personal business decision. There is no “one size fits all” in these types of business decisions, as what might work for one dentist might not work for another. You may be asking yourself how a dentist can make a good decision about adding or dropping a dental plan/network participation, but there is one key element in each success story.

Virtual membership meeting highlights CDA’s efforts to ease members’ dental plan challenges

In a live virtual meeting on May 10, members learned about CDA’s litigation against Delta Dental of California and key legislation to improve dental plan transparency and coverage. The presenters also highlighted tools and resources available to CDA members to help ease dental plan frustrations and challenges.