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June 27, 2023: New Education Requirement for DEA Registration

Prescribers who apply for a new DEA registration, or who want to renew their registration, on or after June 27, 2023 are required to complete 8 hours of education on “treatment and management of patients with opioid or other substance use disorders.” The hours can be completed with one or more courses from an acceptable course provider. The individual is only required to complete the hours once for DEA registration or renewal. The new requirement is part of the Medication Access and Training Expansion (MATE) Act that was enacted in 2022 as part of a federal spending bill. For more information see this article.

May 2023: The DOL Published a Revised Family Medical Leave Act poster

Poster last revised: April 2023 (the April 2016 and February 2013 versions still fulfill the posting requirement). The April 2016 version is contained in the 2023-2024 Required Poster Set. CDA Members may still choose to print and affix the new poster over the FMLA poster contained in the 2023-2024 Required Poster Set. The poster must be displayed in a conspicuous place where employees and applicants for employment can see it.