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COVID-19 phishing scam targets 5 million businesses

June 25, 2020 7163

Cybersecurity experts are warning of a phishing campaign targeting six countries, including the U.S. The cyberattack, believed to be carried out by the North Korean cybercrime organization The Lazarus Group, reportedly launched June 21 — targeting more than 5 million businesses and individuals seeking financial assistance related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The scam includes emails that appear to be from government agencies offering additional aid under COVID-19 relief packages, according to cybersecurity firm Cyfirma. Victims are then asked to visit a fraudulent website and provide personal and financial information.

Dental practices should remain vigilant of these emails and contact government agencies directly when seeking information about financial aid benefits. Practices might also consider adding email phishing awareness training to required annual HIPAA training programs, if not already included.

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