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Dentists say new process for reporting dental benefits issues is easy, convenient, fast

July 11, 2019 2335

If you haven’t heard, CDA on April 1 launched a new process for members to report issues and questions related to dental benefits. Although CDA members have had access to a dedicated dental benefits analyst and Practice Support resources since 2009, the online submission form makes it easier for dentists to quickly reach out for assistance and submit their issues 24/7. In the short time since the online form was deployed, CDA members have remarked that the form is easy to use, fast and convenient.

In my column in the May Update, I described the top 10 calls Practice Support receives that end with the dentist saying they wished they’d known about or contacted Practice Support before they made a decision about a dental benefits issue. We’re now hearing from members that, due to the ease of submitting the new online form, they can more readily get the guidance they need to make informed practice decisions about dental benefit plans. The following is a recent example case.

A member submitted an online form with questions about incorporating their practice. Even though the process of incorporating was simplified by the dentist’s CPA, they still had questions about whether there was a need to inform the dental benefit plans and, if so, how to go about doing it.

After the member submitted their question to Practice Support using the online submission form, I reviewed the question and contacted the staff member the dentist noted as their contact person on the form to explain all that needed to be done to make the incorporation a smooth transition. I provided them with step-by-step guidance on how to inform the dental benefit plans of this change.

By contacting Practice Support using the online submission form, this member likely avoided claim delays and denials and claim payment issues. Had they not reached out for guidance on the proper way to inform the plans of this type of change, the practice could have found itself in a financial bind.

Do you have a question about a dental benefit issue? You too can receive the same kind of assistance described above. Simply submit your issue electronically using the form available online within your account. Visit My Account, click the link for Dental Benefits Issue Submission and follow the prompts.

The intake form collects basic information about your issue. The form is secure, HIPAA-compliant and only takes about two minutes to complete. Once submitted, Practice Support will analyze your issue, evaluate it for possible resolution and clearly communicate your next steps. You can expect to receive a return phone call or email from me within 72 hours. If I need specific claim information about your issue, you can expect to receive a secure request for this information via Sharefile, which will be sent to the email address you provided on the online form.  

The information submitted on these forms and the details of specific issues also help CDA identify trends and patterns related to dental benefit plans. Because CDA is committed to pursuing ways to support, advocate for and act on behalf of members, CDA will use information collected on these forms to determine the best way to serve dentists experiencing similar issues in the future.

To learn more or submit an issue for resolution, visit

This column was authored by Cindy Hartwell, dental benefits analyst at CDA Practice Support.

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