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Dental Benefits

What’s covered and who pays what: It’s all in the EOB

Congratulations — the dental plan paid the claim! Or did they? Confirmation that your claim has been processed comes in two forms: payment and/or an explanation of benefits. An EOB is sent to the patient and/or dental office as a receipt of services provided. Unfortunately, dental plans do not have standardized formats for these documents, which is why it’s necessary for an office to read the EOB completely.

When it comes to dental benefits, ask CDA Practice Support before you act

The following are the top 10 “post-op” calls related to dental benefits that CDA Practice Support has received from dentists who made a decision, whether through action or inaction, that resulted in an unexpected outcome and ended with a member saying, “I wish I would have called Practice Support before I …” Included are links to relevant articles offering explanations and helpful resources.