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Patient flyers, wearable buttons available to CDA members through COVID-19 vaccination initiative

August 18, 2021 2378

Quick Summary:

Dentists can order fun buttons for themselves and their staff to wear voluntarily to show their confidence in the COVID-19 vaccines. Free resources include a CDA-CDPH branded “It’s Your Shot” in-office vaccine promotion flyer, a fact sheet for patients and more.

CDA and the California Department of Public Health have partnered in a COVID-19 vaccination initiative for dental practices that includes in-office flyers, a fact sheet for patients and other resources dentists can use to promote vaccine confidence and talk to their patients about vaccine safety and efficacy.

Dentists can also order fun buttons for themselves and their staff to wear voluntarily to show their confidence in the COVID-19 vaccines.

Dentists are trusted health care providers

The public is more likely to trust information they receive about the COVID-19 vaccine when that information comes from public health entities or health care professionals. In fact, a recommendation from a health care provider is one of the strongest determinants of vaccine acceptance, recent research shows.

As trusted health professionals, dentists are positioned daily to discuss COVID-19 vaccination with their patients and the public, instill confidence about the COVID-19 vaccine and ultimately influence their patients’ decision-making about the vaccine.  

As the COVID-19 delta variant surges in California, conversations between health care providers and their patients are becoming increasingly important. Organized dentistry can rise to the challenge: We already know that California dentists are vaccinated against COVID-19 at a much higher rate than adults nationwide, making dentists even more primed to influence a patient’s vaccine decisions. 

In-office flyers, fact sheets and patient discussion guide available 

The CDA-CDPH initiative provides the following resources to help boost vaccine confidence and facilitate dentists’ conversations with patients. Most are available in multiple languages:

  • CDA-CDPH branded “It’s Your Shot” in-office vaccine promotion flyer
  • Vaccination discussion guide: Advice on the right approach to health outcomes
  • Vaccine hesitancy: One-page fact sheet for patients in multiple languages 
  • Dentists as influencers: One-page sheet for dentists in multiple languages
  • Instilling vaccine confidence: Talking points and conversation strategies
  • “I got my COVID-19” vaccine buttons for dentists and staff to wear 

The vaccine flyer explains that the vaccine is safe, effective and free to all and provides simple instructions for finding a walk-in clinic or making a vaccine appointment.

Order “I’m vaccinated” buttons for staff to wear voluntarily

Colorful buttons with the message “I got my COVID-19” vaccine and “I am vaccinated against COVID-19” are available to order in sets of 10.

Employees may voluntarily disclose their vaccination status to patients and colleagues. However, employers cannot disclose an employee’s vaccination status without written authorization to do so, and employers should never coerce or force an employee to authorize the disclosure, whether through wearable buttons, office signage or any other manner. 

When approaching employees to participate in wearing buttons, employers should explain that such efforts will help patients feel more comfortable and build vaccine confidence within the community.

Order the wearable buttons or start using the flyers and other new resources to promote COVID-19 vaccine confidence in your office today.