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Employment Practices

Balancing the roles of healthcare provider and employer can be a challenge. Get advice on how to write job descriptions, create applications, place help wanted ads, set meal breaks, establish alternative work schedules, and terminate an employee.

Hiring & Firing

Interns and Volunteers

Employers should proceed with caution when using unpaid interns or volunteers. Most interns are considered employees in the eyes of the law, which means you must comply with wage and hour laws, including paying them at least minimum wage.

Termination Checklist

A decision to separate an employee may raise a host of legal issues if not done properly. However, there are steps your practice can take to greatly reduce its risk and ensure a smooth process. Before terminating an employee utilize these best practices checklist of required documents to ensure compliance with California law.

CFRA Guidance

Dental practice owners should be aware and prepared for major changes to California’s Family Rights Act that go into effect Jan. 1, 2021.

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End of Year Updates for Your Practice

What you need to know to keep your practice compliant and avoid legal risks in 2021.


Employee Manual Resources

Create a personalized employee manual using an online tool or a sample employee manual.

General New Hire Toolkit

This toolkit covers recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding, and provides a general list of basic hiring documents. If you are hiring a temporary employee or associate dentist, you will also need our additional hiring toolkits.

View General New Hire Toolkit
Hiring Associates Toolkit

Associates may be classified as either an independent contractor or an employee. This toolkit includes information to help you determine how to hire an associate.

View Hiring Associates Toolkit
Hiring Temporary Employees

Short-term employees are considered employees by the State of California and require additional documentation. This toolkit covers hiring, paying and terminating temporary employees.

View Hiring Temporary Employees Toolkit

View Hiring Temporary Employees Toolkit

Resource Library

Access an online library of downloadable articles, guides, templates, checklists and forms.

Employment Practice News

COVID-19 booster shot now available to dentists fully vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine

The CDC on Sept. 24 issued a recommendation for health care workers and frontline essential workers who are at increased risk of COVID-19 to receive the booster shot at least six months after receiving their first series of the Pfizer vaccine.

Dentists required to comply with new information blocking rule granting patients more access to health records

All health care providers, including dentists, will soon be required to comply with a new federal regulation that aims to enhance a patient’s right to access their health information. Under the new rule, patients will have greater and, at times, immediate access to health information.

National and statewide COVID-19 paid sick leave laws expire Sept. 30

Federal and state laws requiring employers to provide COVID-19 supplemental paid sick leave and voluntary sick leave tax credits are set to expire Sept. 30; however, several cities and counties in California implemented their own supplemental paid leave ordinances that include small-employer obligations.