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April 06, 2022 1013

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iCoreRx from iCoreConnect is e-prescribing software that offers a more efficient clinical workflow and improves patient safety while helping dental practices keep pace with California’s electronic prescribing requirement.

Implementing iCoreRx into the dental practice streamlines the prescription process by electronically transmitting prescriptions or refill requests directly to the pharmacy. This method reduces the chances of medication errors and eliminates extra steps in the process, giving the prescriber and office staff more time to focus on other areas of patient care.

iCoreRx helps improve health care quality and patient safety by allowing prescribers to securely access a patient's health plan formulary and medication history electronically at the point of care and issue timely and accurate prescriptions that best fit the patient’s needs.

Discover more flexibility and convenience with iCoreRx:

  • Issue prescriptions from any computer or device from any remote location.
  • Quickly and easily select a medication and dosage through a comprehensive directory.
  • Keep an audit trail of issued prescriptions to reduce the chances of fraudulent activity.
  • Conduct mandatory patient-history checks in CURES before prescribing controlled substances.
  • Access up to five years of a patient’s prescription history.
  • Auto-save a patient’s pharmacy preferences.

As a CDA member, you will receive 43% off when you purchase iCoreRx for your practice.

You can also explore iCoreRx features by booking a free, no-obligation demo by calling 888.810.7706. You’ll also gain the support and expertise of iCoreConnect staff who will assist you with the software registration and implementation.