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Cosentus Business Services

April 06, 2022 1479

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When CDA members partner with Cosentus, they can ignite the growth strategy of their practice while still delivering outstanding patient care. That’s because Cosentus takes the burden of Revenue Cycle Management off your back. 

Cosentus shifts the paradigm of your practice. Using cutting-edge, HIPAA-compliant technology, their experts guarantee that every insurance claim is submitted on time, all procedures are coded correctly, and aging insurance claims are effectively followed-up. With a 98% collection rate, Cosentus specializes in reducing AR and maximizing collections, so dental professionals are paid appropriately and practices can operate with ease, efficiency, and scalability. 

What can you expect from Cosentus? 

  • 98% Collection Rate 
  • 99% Coding Accuracy 
  • 100% Clean Claim Submission 

As a CDA Endorsed Service, Cosentus offers CDA members a 10% discount on all RCM services. 

Services include: 

  • Patient insurance verification 

  • Insurance claim submission  

  • AR management and follow-up  

  • EOB & Denial Management Payment Posting  

  • Insurance fee schedule entry  

  • Patient statement management 

  • Dental cross coding  

  • Payment contract enforcement  

To learn more or to get started with Cosentus, visit

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