N95 Respirator/Mask Information

CalOSHA advises dentists to provide staff with respiratory protection from aerosols generated by dental devices such as ultrasonics, rotary, air abrasion, air-water syringe and other similar mechanical dental devices when treating patients. Medical evaluation and fit-testing is a CalOSHA requirement for use of most respirators, including the N95. Included below is information on other respirators, how to complete medical evaluation and fit testing and compliance documentation. 

Resources are available for dentists to do the required initial fit test themselves should they wish to do so. 

3M Filtering Facepiece Respirators FAQ, June 2020
Get answers to common questions about filtering facepiece respirators.

Respirator Fit Testing Requirements
Learn the steps to performing a required respirator fit test in accordance with Cal/OSHA regulations.

Regulatory Compliance: Respirators and Fit Testing
Understand the importance of documenting the implementation of a respiratory protection program. 

Respiratory Protection Program
Download the Respiratory Protection Program form.

NIOSH: Counterfeit Respirators/Misrepresentation of NIOSH Approval
Learn more about counterfeit respitators.

Acceptable Optimization Strategies
Follow this Cal/OSHA guidance on optimizing respirator use, limiting use of decontaminated N95 respirators and prohibiting surgical mask use where respirator use is required.