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Practice Management

Learn how to train and manage staff, prepare your practice and communicate with patients.

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Becoming a Great Associate — Advice From Your Peers

Gain insight about becoming an associate straight from your peers. In this section, we’ve collected feedback from CDA member-dentists who are or recently were associates.

Interns and Volunteers

Employers should proceed with caution when using unpaid interns or volunteers. Most interns are considered employees in the eyes of the law, which means you must comply with wage and hour laws, including paying them at least minimum wage.

Meal and Rest Break Policy

Assists with drafting specific break policies for your practice that are compliant with California laws. 

Change in Relationship Notice

Use this notice to document termination, permanent change in an employees schedule, decrease in pay and more. Employers must give immediate written notice to the employee of a change in the employment relationship.

Training and Non-productive Work Time Rate Sample Policy

Employers who wish to implement a reduced wage for employee training and other non-productive time may use this template to inform and document the new practice policy. The form includes an employee acknowledgement.

COVID-19 Employee Weekly COVID-19 Testing Tracking Form

Employers must establish a method to track unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated workers for weekly COVID-19 testing. Use this sample form to track weekly testing.

Termination Checklist

A decision to separate an employee may raise a host of legal issues if not done properly. However, there are steps your practice can take to greatly reduce its risk and ensure a smooth process. Before terminating an employee utilize these best practices checklist of required documents to ensure compliance with California law.

Employee Screening for COVID-19

Employers should continue to evaluate employee health regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status.

Religious Accommodation Request Form – COVID-19 Vaccination

Employers may require employees to be vaccinated for COVID-19 as long as they engage in the interactive process with each employee who requests a reasonable accommodation from the mandatory vaccination program. 

Use this form to document an employee's request for accomodation from a mandatory vaccine for a sincerely held religious belief.