Local COVID-19 Ordinances and Regulations

Locate county-specific information on Social Distance Protocols for businesses and commercial eviction protections below.

For additional information about actions at the county and city levels, this chart highlights local directives such as:

  • shelter in place orders
  • face mask guidance issued by local officials
  • public park closure orders

It is ultimately the responsibility of the business owner to ensure compliance with local ordinances, so please use these resources as a general reference. With the speed at which local counties and city governments are issuing directives, members should consult their county public health dedicated COVID-19 webpage (below) for the most current local information.

To complete a compliant Social Distancing Protocol, in many areas dental offices will need to:

  • Fill out the Social Distancing Protocol form (PDF), many counties use similar forms make sure to use the one issued by your county/city
  • Provide the completed form to employees
  • Post completed Social Distancing Protocol form near the entrance of the facility in easy view
  • Be able to provide this Protocol to any enforcing authority
  • Post notice on social distancing at facility entrances. View sample notice.