Patient Care 

Find useful forms, flowcharts and more to outline office procedures and infection control protocols.

COVID-19 Vaccine Administration FAQs

Get answers to commonly asked questions regarding the temporary scope expansion permitting dentists to administer the COVID-19 vaccine. Dentists will unlikely be able to administer in their practices, but can be instrumentally helpful in mass vaccination community events launching soon.

When to quarantine, safely treat patients and close the office: CDA answers dentists' top 5 questions about COVID-19 exposure

Recent calls to CDA Practice Support reveal that dentists are unclear about quarantine and other requirements related to COVID-19 exposure. CDA’s Clinical Care Workgroup developed resources specifically to help dentists practice in the current pandemic environment while complying with Cal/OSHA and other regulations.

COVID-19 Exposure FAQs

Here are the top 5 related questions about COVID-19 exposure. 

CDA COVID-19 testing toolkit now available

The ADA in October released a COVID-19 and Lab Testing Requirements Toolkit to assist dentists preparing to implement COVID-19 testing as part of the patient screening process. To assist members with California-specific requirements, CDA’s Clinical Care Workgroup has released additional guidance in the form of a new toolkit resource.

CDA answers members' FAQ about COVID-19 exposure, testing, reporting and employee leave

CDA Practice Support continues to publish frequently asked questions to help dentist-employers understand their obligations and options in the COVID environment. The newest FAQ answers questions about COVID-19 testing, exposure and reporting and employee paid leave. 

California dentists can order face mask kits now through The Dentists Supply Company

California-licensed dentists can now order face mask “kits” that include boxes of N95 respirator masks and level-2 surgical masks from The Dentists Supply Company, a subsidiary of the California Dental Association.

Californians must wear face coverings in high-risk situations per new state mandate

A state mandate issued June 18 requires all individuals in California to wear cloth face coverings to help prevent transmission of the coronavirus. The mandate and updated CDPH guidance comes as counties throughout the state are reporting spikes in COVID-19-positive cases.

Employers requiring respirators must establish a respiratory protection program

Learn if and how your practice can establish a respiratory protection program, a requirement for practices using N95 or equivalent masks.

PPE Equipment Shortages

What do I do if I run out of face masks, gloves, or other PPE?

If you do not have adequate supplies to protect you and your staff while treating an emergency patient, reach out to your local dental society, colleagues, other healthcare professionals or facilities to request them. Supplies can also be request through your local Medical and Health Operational Area Coordinator (MHOAC). Please know that there may be a long waiting period. Access the MHOAC Contact List.