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Guidance & Regulations

Learn about employee leave, county-specific ordinances and treating symptomatic or COVID-positive patients.


How does HIPAA apply during the COVID-19 emergency?

PPE Requirements for Dental Practices

Quick reference chart to understand PPE requirements for dental practices. 

March 28, 2022: CE Completion Deadline for Individuals Whose License Expires Oct 2021

Dentists, registered dental assistants and registered dental hygienists whose active license expires Oct 2021 are granted an extension of time to complete continuing education required for license renewal. The CE must be completed by March 28, 2022. Read more in this DCA order.

Immigration process

As an international dental student (IDS) at an accredited IDS program, it is best to research and understand the process to obtain work visas in the United States at least 12 months before graduation. This section covers the various types of work visas applicable to international dentists who have completed an IDS accredited program in the United States. 

Becoming a Great Associate — Advice From Your Peers

Gain insight about becoming an associate straight from your peers. In this section, we’ve collected feedback from CDA member-dentists who are or recently were associates.

Preparing for Associate Job Placement

There are many elements involved in preparing and marketing yourself for employment. In this section you will get tips to create an effective curriculum vitae, write a compelling cover letter, understand your social media profile and how to use it to market yourself, how to network, how to budget and plan for your projected associate salary, and finally how to narrow down the location(s) in which you want to live and work.

Associate Insurance Needs

This section of the toolkit is provided by The Dentists Insurance Company, a subsidiary of the California Dental Association.

It’s important to protect your personal and professional security at every stage of your career, and having the proper amount of insurance coverage as an associate is no exception. This chapter helps you understand  insurance limits and coverage types as well as when and why each is necessary as an associate.

California Dental Licensure Options

A dental license is the first of many licenses, permits, certificates and registrations necessary to practice dentistry, as well as to own and operate a dental practice. In this resources, learn about requirements, application instructions and links for the most common ways to obtain a California Dental License.

Insurance Plan Credentialing

Dental credentialing is the first step in is the process of a dentist entering into a contract with a dental benefit / insurance carrier. Learn more about it in this section of the resource.