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CDA Journal features California county's Healthy Teeth Healthy Communities program

March 01, 2022 385

Sacramento, Calif. – The March issue of the Journal of the California Dental Association explores the dental care coordination system implemented in Alameda County, California, to increase access for Medicaid dental program beneficiaries. Featured articles in the Journal also discuss the Mouth-COVID-19 connection and a case report of a mandibular adenomatoid odontogenic tumor in a 60-year-old man whose treatment utilized platelet-rich fibrin.

“This issue provides readers with information on a range of topics,” said Kerry K. Carney, DDS, editor-in-chief of the Journal. 

Articles in the March issue include:

  • “A Dental Care Coordination System To Increase Access for Medicaid Dental Program Beneficiaries: Experiences in Alameda County, California” by Benjamin W. Chaffee, DDS, MPH, PhD; Jared I. Fine, DDS, MPH; Yilak Fantaye, MPH; Kristin S. Hoeft, MPH, PhD; Rhodora Ursua, MPH; Ray Stewart, DMD, MS; and Suhaila Khan, MD, MPH, PhD.
  • “A Mandibular Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumor With a Novel Treatment Utilizing Platelet-Rich Fibrin” by Tarun Mundluru, DDS, MSc; David Pilgrim, DDS; Reyes Enciso, PhD; Parish P. Sedghizadeh, DDS, MS; and Mohammad A. Khalifeh, DDS, MS.
  • “The Mouth-COVID-19 Connection: Importance of the Oral Cavity for the Coronavirus — Part I” by Shervin Molayem, DDS, and Carla Cruvinel Pontes, DDS, MsC, PhD.
  • “The Mouth COVID-19 Connection: The Importance of the Oral Cavity for the Coronavirus Disease — Part II” by Shervin Molayem, DDS, and Carla Cruvinel Pontes, DDS, MsC, PhD.

The Journal of the California Dental Association is an award-winning peer-reviewed scientific publication that keeps dentists up to date about scientific advances, business management strategies and new products.

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