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Recommendations versus requirements: Managing unvaccinated employees

California health care workers must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or submit to weekly testing under a new statewide order. What are dentists’ responsibilities as employers when it comes to unvaccinated staff? And what are their employees’ rights?

Up to 1,500 businesses affected in ransomware attack targeting IT software management company

Several small to mid-sized businesses have been affected by a ransomware attack targeting Kaseya VSA, a software management company used widely by managed service providers that handle IT needs for companies in the health care sector, including many dental practices.

Improving patient safety with a timeout policy

Patient safety remains a top priority for practice owners and dental teams; however, the dental office can often be a fast-paced working environment with distractions that can impede best safety practices. To better prevent mishaps, the Joint Commission requires accredited dental practices to implement a timeout before all surgical procedures.