Treating Young Kids Every Day (TYKE)

March 18, 2021 213

TYKE is a no-cost course designed to increase dentists’ confidence to see babies and young children and inspire a commitment to decreasing the prevalence of dental caries in California children. Specifically, this course aims to encourage dental teams to use caries risk assessment, disease prevention and early interventions to reduce tooth decay among children ages birth to 5 years. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognize how early childhood caries (ECC) affects children’s oral health and why there is need to see babies and young children.
  • Perform caries risk assessments (CRA) to individualize interventions and recall.
  • Implement the 6-Step Infant Oral Care Visit process in your practice.
  • Promote the use of early prevention and intervention techniques.
  • Implement motivational interviewing and goal setting.
  • Recognize the role of patient self-management in reducing caries.
  • Promote healthy daily family behaviors.
  • Complete appropriate documentation and effective follow-up.

Format: Self-study with quiz