Prescribing controlled substances during emergencies

April 02, 2020 3291

Information on Schedule II prescriptions/prescribing controlled substances for emergency patients.  

May I call in a Schedule II prescription for my patient during this emergency period?

Yes, but if you do not have an immediate need to do so, consider purchase of software to prescribe controlled substances electronically. See "Controlled Substances Prescribing and Dispensing" for more information.

If you call in the prescription, you must also provide to the pharmacy, within seven days of the original order, a written prescription containing all required information and it must have written on its face “Authorization for Emergency Dispensing” and the date of the oral order.

May I prescribe a controlled substance to an individual who is not yet my patient of record?

For the duration of the emergency, the DEA has suspended the requirement that a prescriber examine an individual in person prior to prescribing a controlled substance. If you do prescribe, document all pertinent information that supports your prescription, including a health history for new patients, a diagnosis and a treatment plan.