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CDA’s team of experts bring education, resources for your dental practice to CDA Presents Anaheim

April 26, 2022 1918

From managing patient records to practice transitions, CDA’s dedicated team of dental industry experts will be on hand to answer dentists’ top questions at CDA Presents Anaheim May 12-14.

CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in Anaheim May 12-14 brings together the collective experience and expertise of industry leaders and CDA’s dedicated team of dental experts . These experts, who develop member resources and answer dentists’ calls and emails Monday-Friday, will facilitate a variety of learning opportunities.

Advance registration is required for all courses at CDA Presents. Here’s a preview of the presentations by CDA’s subject-matter experts specializing in practice management, dental benefit plans, regulatory compliance and employment practices.

Buying or Selling? What to Know Before Your Practice Transition.

Presenters: Katie Fornelli, Ali Oromchian, Brett LeMmon and C.J. Williams

Thursday, May 12, 8 a.m.– noon in 204 A

4 units C.E. ($50 course fee)

Are you preparing to transition your practice ownership? If your future goals include purchasing a practice, starting a practice from scratch, hiring an associate, bringing on a partner or selling your practice, this workshop will address all the elements of the transition process. You will hear from industry experts who specialize in practice transitions: attorney, CPA, marketing, employment, practice management, financing and dental billing.

Specifically, course attendees will:

  • Learn the basics of starting a practice or purchasing, hiring an associate, adding a partner or selling.
  • Hear timely advice from industry experts who specialize in practice transitions.
  • Understand the next steps to prepare for any practice transition.

Complying With California’s Protected Leaves of Absence

Presenter: Michelle Coker

Thursday, May 12,10-11 a.m. in The Spot – Hall D

1 unit C.E.

Every business needs to have a process in place for managing employee leave, whether it’s for a family vacation, medical reasons or other personal cases. Without a firm grasp of how to manage leave and an understanding of what’s required, this critical HR activity can potentially take up a significant part of an employer’s time and money. Taught by employment and human resources expert Michelle Coker, this course will cover leave obligations and best practices.

What this course will offer attendees:

  • Up-to-date information on regulatory compliance matters and best practices to manage them.
  • Understanding of the broad scope of regulations applicable in dentistry.
  • Guidance on the importance of documentation and tracking of employee leaves.

CalSavers 101: Have You Registered Yet?

Presenter: Michelle Coker

Thursday, May 12, 2-3 p.m. in The Spot – Hall D

1 unit C.E.

Employers of five or more employees will want to save a spot in this presentation by employment practices expert Michelle Coker. Discover what you need to know about compliance with CalSavers before the June 30, 2022, deadline.

Attendees can expect to:

  • Learn about California’s new mandatory retirement savings program.
  • Review employers’ account set-up and notice obligations.
  • Understand employers’ and employees’ ongoing responsibilities with the program. 

HR Compliance Crash Course: Current HR and Staffing Trends

Presenter: Michelle Coker and Ali Oromchian

Friday, May 13, 8:30–10 a.m. in 210 A/B

1.5 units C.E.

Although it is typical for employment laws to change every year, the last two years have brought more HR updates than usual for business owners to juggle as our state navigates the pandemic. With mandatory retirement offerings becoming a reality, this session will review the most pressing 2021-2022 employment law updates every practice owner needs to know as well as recent regulations surrounding vaccine mandates. Coker, a CDA employment expert, and. Oromchian, co-founder and CEO of HR for Health, will also discuss current and upcoming HR trends owners and managers can expect through the end of the year, including how to navigate a successful hiring process despite the staffing shortage dental offices are experiencing.

During this presentation you can expect to:

  • Identify employment laws and HR trends to expect in 2022.
  • Review options for a benefit package that attracts top talent while also satisfying the new California requirements.
  • Learn hiring and onboarding must-haves to retain employees.

Managing Patient Records – Who, What, When and How

Presenter: Katie Fornelli

Friday, May 13, 10–11 a.m. in The Spot – Hall D

1 unit C.E.

Practice management expert Katie Fornelli will review best practices for managing patient records and discuss some of the most frequent patient-records scenarios members encounter.

Leave this presentation with a better understanding of:

  • How to establish best practices for managing patient records in your dental practice.
  • The “who, what, when and how” of patient records.
  • How to navigate the most common patient-records scenarios in your dental practice.

To Contract or Not to Contract? Working with Dental Benefit Contracts

Presenters: Lisa Greer and Matthew Nelson

Friday, May 13,11a.m.–noon in The Spot – Hall D

1 unit C.E.

With so many different dental benefits plans on the market, how do you select the right ones? This session will focus on the pros and cons of contracting with dental benefits plans in your practice.

Attendees will get advice on:

  • Determining when a dental benefits plan is a right fit in your practice.
  • How to evaluate and conduct an analysis for each plan.
  • How to analyze dental benefits contracts that best suit your needs after the sale of a practice.

Embezzlement Controls

Presenter: Matthew Nelson

Friday, May 13, 2–3 p.m. in The Spot – Hall D

1 unit C.E.

In this session, dental practice and policy expert Matthew Nelson will review best practices for embezzlement and audit controls. He will also address common scenarios that dentists encounter with their staff.

What you can expect to learn:

  • The importance of establishing best practices for controls in your dental practice.
  • Understand the significance of doctor involvement in auditing for the protection of the practice.
  • Awareness of areas where proper controls are needed to mitigate risk.

Ask the Expert: Dental Benefits

Presenter: Lisa Greer

Friday, May 13, 3–4 p.m. in The Spot – Hall D

1 unit C.E.

CDA’s dental benefits expert Lisa Greer will review the top 10 dental benefits questions asked by dentists and their staff.

Covered topics will include:

  • Current dental benefits marketplace and trends impacting dentists and their teams.
  • Where to find CDA dental benefits resources available to member dentists and their teams.
  • Tips for efficient claims submissions.

Collect with Confidence

Presenters: Lisa Greer and Katie Fornelli

Saturday, May 14, 8:3 –10 a.m. in California A/B

1.5 units C.E.

The front office sets the stage for managing patient collections and strong billing practices. When a practice has clear, defined and implemented patient collection and billing systems, the day runs efficiently and patients understand the payment expectations. This course will help you administer your practice’s billing and collections system with confidence.

Course attendees will:

  • Learn how to become a confident collections and billing expert.
  • Learn to navigate through the most difficult patient billing and collections scenarios.
  • Understand the billing tools that will make your job easier.

Ask the Expert: Regulatory Compliance

Presenter: Teresa Pichay

Saturday, May 14, 11 a.m.–noon in The Spot – Hall D

1 unit C.E.

Regulatory compliance expert Teresa Pichay will review the most frequently asked questions dentists and their staff have in the areas of prescriptions, Cal/OSHA, HIPAA, radiation safety and infection control. She will also answer audience questions.

Attendees will receive guidance on:

  • Up-to-date information on regulatory compliance matters.
  • Understanding the broad scope of regulations applicable in dentistry.
  • Finding compliance resources available through CDA Practice Support.

Ask the Expert: HIPAA Compliance Essentials

Presenter: Teresa Pichay

Saturday, May 14, 2-3 p.m. in The Spot – Hall D

1 unit C.E.

More than 20 years after HIPAA became law, dental practices continue to struggle with understanding what is necessary to be compliant. In her second course on Saturday, Teresa Pichay will review the essential elements to compliance with patient rights, uses and disclosures of information requiring patient authorization, required and addressable safeguards, , written policies and procedures, employee training and discipline and conducting a risk analysis. Attendees will leave with a checklist to guide their efforts.

Additional resources will include:

  • Advice on managing common dental practice solutions to reduce risk of noncompliance.
  • How to determine whether your risk analysis has considered all risks and all locations of patient health information.
  • Where to look for compliance assistance.

CDA experts will offer one-on-one guidance

After each session, CDA’s team of experts who know dentistry will be available for one-on-one guidance at the member Benefits Center Booth #1102.

Register for CDA Presents and register in advance for the courses discussed above and all other courses through the registration platform. Learn more about the convention ― including information about COVID-19 safety protocols ― by visiting the CDA Presents FAQs page.