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CDA President Dr. Tippett-Whyte offers tips for making the most out of CDA Presents Sept. 9-11

August 25, 2021 833

Quick Summary:

With more courses, speakers and events offered this time around, CDA President Judee Tippett-Whyte, DDS, wants to make sure attendees experience everything CDA Presents has to offer. She offers the following tips on how you can make the most of your CDA Presents experience.

CDA Presents the Art and Science of Dentistry returns to San Francisco Sept. 9-11 as the first of its kind in CDA Presents history ― an in-person and virtual convention that gives attendees the flexibility to attend in either or both formats.

With more courses, speakers and events offered this time around, CDA President Judee Tippett-Whyte, DDS, wants to make sure attendees experience everything CDA Presents has to offer. Whether you’re attending virtually, in person or both, she offers the following tips on how you can make the most of your CDA Presents experience.

Plan a schedule

This year’s convention offers more than 125 continuing education courses, a live and virtual exhibit hall and fun events for the entire dental team. To ensure you don’t miss out on any events or courses that most interest you, Dr. Tippett-Whyte recommends planning your schedule ahead of time.

“The first step to planning your CDA Presents schedule is identifying your goals for the convention,” she said. “Think about your purpose for attending, what you want to learn and what you want your biggest takeaway to be. Once you’ve figured that out, start looking for courses and events that will help you accomplish that goal.”

Use the CDA Presents online schedule planner to map out your schedule. Courses can be filtered by topic, speaker, audience or the by time and day the course is offered. The planning tool also offers downloadable course materials and details of how many C.E. credits each course is worth.

Be sure to also download the free CDA Presents app where you’ll find an interactive floor map to help you navigate the convention, event and course listings, speaker information and more.

Register for each course ahead of time

After you’ve put together a schedule, enroll in the courses early to reserve your spot. Advance registration is required for all courses, whether they’re offered at no cost or for a fee.

Make sure you arrive or log in for each course on time and stay for the entire session to receive your C.E. credit. If you can’t make it to your course on time, your seat may be forfeited and attendees in the standby line will be let in. While the standby line is available for all no-cost courses, it does not guarantee admission into a course.

The deadline to cancel or change courses is Aug. 26.

Bring face masks and proof of full COVID-19 vaccination

CDA will comply with all local public health orders and observe COVID-19 safety protocols for everyone attending the convention in person at the San Francisco Moscone Center. 

In accordance with the San Francisco public health order of Aug. 12, proof of vaccination is required for all attendees upon entering the convention. Self-attestation of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test will not be accepted. Additionally, all meeting rooms will be set up to properly accommodate social distancing.

Make sure you have proof of vaccination on you at all times by uploading a digital copy of your vaccination card to the CLEAR app. The app will create a Health Pass with your proof of vaccination that you can show the staff when you check in at the San Francisco Moscone Center.

The CLEAR app is available for free in the App Store or Google Play Store. Additional information on how to download the app and upload your vaccination information is in the Attendee FAQ

Also pack plenty of clean masks as face coverings will also be required at all times during the convention.

“It is CDA’s priority to make sure attendees can enjoy the convention in the safest way possible,” said Tippett-Whyte. “To maintain a safe environment, we need your support to uphold all COVID-19 safety precautions such as practicing social distancing, wearing face coverings and providing proof of full vaccination.”

Check the system requirements and your internet connection

Before joining the webinars, check the system requirements and your internet connection to avoid disruptions during courses.

Try the following to make sure you have a seamless online experience:

  • If available, use Google Chrome or Firefox Mozilla as your browser.
  • As applicable, connect directly to a hardwire ethernet connection.
  • Clear your cache and cookies before launching the convention.
  • Turn off any pop-up blockers and close any applications or tabs that are not in use.

Visit the exhibit hall

Tippett-Whyte recommends setting aside time to visit the exhibit hall. Virtually and in person, you’ll have the chance to network with exhibitors, talk with industry experts about the latest dental products and services and participate in daily prize giveaways.

“As we return to our in-person conventions and continue to offer virtual options, it means a lot that attendees support our exhibitors who work hard to bring a high-quality shopping experience to CDA Presents,” she said.

The exhibit hall will be open Sept. 9 and Sept. 10 from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Sept. 11 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Network with other attendees

CDA Presents has always been a great place for attendees to meet new people and build on existing relationships.

“One thing I've always looked forward to at CDA Presents is networking and making connections with other attendees,” Tippett-Whyte said. “It’s been more than a year since we’ve had the opportunity to see one another in person, and I’m excited for everyone to reconnect and meet new people.

Virtually, attendees can utilize the chat rooms and meet new people in the virtual networking lounge.

If you’re attending in person, you can find breaks in between courses to connect with one another, meet new people while shopping in the exhibit hall and even make connections at one of the several events offered that weekend.

Be fully present

Getting the most out of your CDA Presents experience comes down to being present and actively participating in the courses and events you choose to attend.

“If you’re attending virtually, I understand that online learning and trying to connect with people through the digital platform can be challenging at times,” she said. “Try your best to create a distraction-free environment by blocking off time on your calendar, turning off your phone and finding a quiet place where you can focus on the convention.”

If you’re attending live in San Francisco, Tippett-Whyte recommends stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new.

“If you have the extra time, try attending a course that’s out of the ordinary for you or set up time to meet for coffee or lunch with someone new that you met at the convention,” she said.

Your experience at CDA Presents ultimately comes down to what you make of it. Get started today by registering online and learn more about everything the convention has to offer in the attendee FAQ.