CDA hosts virtual member meeting to answer member questions about returning to practice

May 19, 2020 5064

CDA held its first Virtual Membership Meeting this week to answer members’ most pressing questions about returning to practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.


CDA held its first Virtual Membership Meeting this week to answer members’ most pressing questions about returning to practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The meeting was led by a panel of leaders in dentistry: Dr. Richard Nagy, CDA president; Dr. Natasha Lee, appointee to the governor’s Task Force of Business and Jobs Recovery and past CDA president; and Dr. James Stephens, trustee of the American Dental Association and past CDA president.

Before the event, CDA members submitted questions and the most common topics and questions were addressed by the panelists live. Topics included:

  • State guidance and current directives for providing care
  • PPE and infection control protocols
  • Managing dental teams returning to work

Watch the full recording of the meeting, or see the recap below of questions that were addressed in the meeting. These questions represented the majority of submissions CDA received around a variety of back-to-practice topics.

Topic: PPE

Many of the questions that came in before the meeting were about PPE, including new requirements, N95 masks, supply shortages and avoiding counterfeit. Answers to these questions can also be found in via the resources below:

PPE Recommendations chart

Respirator Decontamination Guidance

N95 Fit Testing Requirements

Regulatory Compliance: Respirators and Fit Testing

Using Respirators and Surgical Masks in Dental Settings During COVID-19 (ADA)

N95 Respirators: Equivalent Respirators and Counterfeits

NIOSH-Approved N95 Particulate Filtering Facepiece Respirators (CDC)

Be wary of counterfeit products marketed to dentists during the COVID-19 pandemic

Topic: Reopening practices

CDA members posed questions for the panel around how to distinguish between local and state directives and what protocols and procedures must change when practices reopen. Use the resources below to navigate common questions about returning to practice:

CDA letter to Gov. Newsom calls for immediate alignment of return-to-work directives

Dental Aerosol Management

Back to Practice Staff Training

Opening California Dental Facilities Checklist

Back to Practice Letter to Employees

Suspected or Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in the Workplace (CDC)

Topic: Employees and Practice Management

Several questions were raised about how to work with the dental team in returning to practice: what to do if an employee isn’t comfortable returning to work, how to screen staff and manage liability. Here are resources to help answer:

Back to Practice Staff Training

Employer Guide to FFCRA

Employer FFCRA Documentation Checklist


Topic: CDA

This Virtual Membership Meeting gave members a chance to ask questions directly to leadership about CDA’s efforts during the pandemic, including advocacy efforts

California Dental Association Statement on Gov. Gavin Newsom's May Budget Revision

Manikin-based WREB and ADEX exams will be formally reviewed as pathway to dental licensure

CDA call to action: Dentists need PPE and relief now

CDA working with legislators, mounting grassroots advocacy in efforts to secure PPE for dentists

TDIC provides premium refunds for policyholders during COVID-19 pandemic

Governor appoints dentist to California’s Business and Jobs Recovery Task Force

If you submitted a question that you do not feel was answered by the panelists discussion, we encourage you to visit CDA’s Back to Practice resource library, or contact CDA Practice Support for help.