Infection Control

Official Guidance

From the CDPH

Released May 7, updated guidance for resuming deferred and preventive dental care.

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Official Guidance

From the CDC

Updated December 4, interim infection prevention and control guidance for dental settings during the COVID-19 response.

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Screening Patients Prior to Treatment

What steps do we take when the patient presents for treatment?

When the patient presents:

  • Take a temperature reading to verify the absence of a fever (any temperature above 100°C).
  • Reconfirm by observation and verbally with the patient that they are not experiencing signs of upper respiratory illness such as a fever, cough and shortness of breath.
  • Complete necessary documentation and discussion, such as health history and treatment informed consent form. Have patient sign a statement agreeing to notify the dental practice if within two weeks of treatment they test positive for COVID.
  • A dental practice has a legal and ethical obligation to inform patients if a staff person they have been in contact with has tested positive for COVID.

In addition to recommendations for greater respiratory tract protection through higher-level mask use, these additional procedural precautions should be taken when performing aerosol-generating procedures:

  • Have patient use an antimicrobial rinse before starting a dental procedure; ADA suggests using 1% hydrogen peroxide.
  • Minimize operations that can produce droplets or aerosols; use rubber dams as much as possible.
  • Rinse the oral cavity slowly, avoiding unnecessary splatter.
  • Use high-speed evacuation.
  • Avoid or minimize procedures that may induce coughing, such as taking intraoral X-rays.

After completing treatment, clean and disinfect procedure room surfaces soon after adequate time has passed to allow aerosols to settle. Dispose of single-use PPE immediately and disinfect re-usable PPE in a manner that prevents cross-contamination. If foot coverings were not used, be sure to change and disinfect footwear before leaving the office. Upon returning home, immediately remove clothes and shower, and then wash clothes.